About the Benevolent Fund

Charitable Incorporated Organisation Charity Registered Number:1193337/Privacy Statement

The ROH Benevolent Fund provides confidential advice, emotional support and financial assistance to those past and present employees (and their dependants) of the Royal Opera House and Birmingham Royal Ballet who need help.

Many have given a lifetime of service to these two institutions, and have contributed to bringing pleasure to millions. If, for whatever reason, they face hard times and find it difficult to manage, the Fund can offer support.

The Fund is also able to support certain other individuals or organisations involved in opera, ballet or music.

Who is eligible for support?

  • Employees, past or present, engaged at the Royal Opera House or Birmingham Royal Ballet, or of any other charity or organisation which gives public performances of opera, ballet or music.
  • Spouses, widows, widowers, partners, children, parents or dependants of any such employees or former employees.
  • Other registered charities or organisations, if the making of a grant would support the prevention or relief of poverty or advance the education or health of artistes and/or any others employed in the performance of opera, ballet or music.

(Please note that there is no requirement to have contributed to the Fund to receive help.)

How does the Benevolent Fund provide help?

The Fund provides both financial assistance and emotional support. Help might take the form of a monthly allowance, interest-free loan, emergency grant, or one-off grant (e.g. towards essential house maintenance or domestic equipment).

Each case is assessed on its own merits and involves the applicant submitting a confidential application, together with a statement of income and expenditure. The Trustees consider each case carefully according to an approved set of guidelines designed to ensure consistency in the help provided. Some individuals are understandably reluctant to ask for help and the Fund is happy to receive confidential approaches from friends or colleagues.

Please send the form by email to ben.fund@roh.org.uk to enable your application to be processed more efficiently during the COVID-19 lockdown.

The ROHBF also funds a confidential counselling service available to all employees of the ROH and BRB, and subsidises in-house osteopathy treatments for ROH employees.

How is the Benevolent Fund run?

The Fund is an independent charity. It is not funded or managed by the Royal Opera House, but governed by Trustees, all of whom have relevant specialist knowledge and an interest in the Royal Opera House and Birmingham Royal Ballet. It is administered from an office within the Royal Opera House by two part-time staff – a Secretary and a Welfare and Administration Officer. They work closely with the ROH Occupational Health Advisor and a Welfare Benefits Consultant.

How might I support the work of the Benevolent Fund?

You can support the Fund by any of these means:

  • Make a one-off or a regular donation
  • Complete a Gift Aid declaration
  • Leave a legacy in your will

For further information, please contact the Royal Opera House Benevolent Fund office at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden.

Telephone – 020 7212 9128   Email: ben.fund@roh.org.uk

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