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Swan Lake: Print-out-and-keep resources

Are you attending one of our Swan Lake performances? Do you want to find out more about the characters and the plot? Or have you already seen Swan Lake and want to make your own version of the story?

You'll find lots of puzzles and games here to keep you busy!

Make your own theatre

You will need a cardboard box and some scissors and some glue to make this. Just print out the PDF and make the Swan Lake story end however you want to, or stick to the traditional plot, and perform it using home-made puppets.

Puzzles and games

Play your own Swan Lake snakes and ladders game and print out a puzzle that will help you find out more about the characters in Swan Lake.

Activity Booklet

Guide Odette through the Swan Maze, celebrate Siegfried’s birthday and learn more about Odette, Odile and the evil Von Rothbart in this printable booklet.