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Upcoming Tours

  • Backstage Tour

    • 20 October—30 November 2018

    Visit the Backstage and Front of House areas of one of the world's leading theatres as it prepares to open its doors for the evening performance.

  • Covent Garden Legends and Landmarks Tour

    • 22 October—23 November 2018

    Step back into history and discover more about the Royal Opera House and the legends of London’s Theatre Land.

  • Thurrock Tour

    • 26 October 2018—22 March 2019

    Discover the fascinating world of the craftspeople who create stunning costumes, scenery and sets for the Royal Opera House on a tour of the Bob and Tamar Manoukian Production Workshop and Costume Centre.

  • Velvet, Gilt and Glamour Tour

    • 22 October—24 November 2018

    Whenever visitors see the historic auditorium of the Royal Opera House for the first time, it always amazes them.