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Name a seat

'He wanted to contribute to the Royal Opera House, so a portion of his estate went towards pointe shoes for Royal Ballet dancers, and also to a seat plaque in the auditorium. When I come now, I love to be able to remember him coming here and imagine him sitting there.'
Pamela Kissman, K15 Orchestra Stalls

Naming a seat

Naming a seat at the Royal Opera House is a wonderful way to celebrate a loved one’s enjoyment of the work of The Royal Ballet and The Royal Opera.

Seat naming gifts are acknowledged through a smart brass plaque bearing the name of your choice. The plaque is fixed to your chosen seat within our historic and iconic auditorium. Plaques remain in place for a generation, commemorating the named person’s love for extraordinary performances long into the future.

Once the plaque is in place, we will invite you, along with your family and friends, to view your chosen seat and to enjoy a private backstage tour.

'Naming a seat gave us the opportunity to support the fantastic work of the Royal Opera House in a very special way. We named the seats for our
young daughters who love ballet, and it is great to know that each
performance someone will be sitting in ‘their seat’, wondering who they are!'
Catherine and Richard Millhouse, S66 Amphitheatre

Supporting the work of the Royal Opera House

Your donation will help the Royal Opera House Covent Garden Foundation, registered charity number 211775, to present remarkable productions, intricate craftsmanship and inspiring learning and participation projects.

'To hear this chair was purchased in memory of someone’s loving son is thought-provoking. Knowing the name of a person, and a little of what they loved, breathes life into the seat!'
Mary Brown, who sat in A52, named in memory of Duncan Gray

Seat Specifications

The size of the suggested donation varies depending on the location of the seat chosen, starting at £1,000.

Amphitheatre: Rows S–L: £1,000, Rows K–A: £1,500
Balcony: £3,000
Donald Gordon Grand Tier: £10,000
Stalls Circle: £5,000
Orchestra Stalls: rows A–E: £10,000,  rows F–W: £7,000

What next?

If you would like to find out more about naming a seat in our auditorium, please contact Alice Macrae on 020 7212 9127

The map shows which seats are still available to name. Please note that seats are subject to availability and on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note: Naming a seat does not include admission to individual performances or events or guarantee allocation of that seat for a particular performance.