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Frankenstein (2016)

Recorded | Ballet

Running time: Around 2 hours 55 minutes, including two intervals

Frankenstein (2016)

The world premiere of Liam Scarlett’s new full-length ballet, inspired by Mary Shelley’s Gothic masterpiece.


The story

Victor Frankenstein is sent away to university, away from his family and his closest friend Elizabeth. Just before he leaves, his mother dies in childbirth. Distraught, Victor throws himself into his studies, learning obsessively all that he can from his Professor. Fuelled by his experiments and in a desperate hope to find a way to bring his mother back, Victor works furiously, and eventually succeeds in giving life to non-living matter – but, horrified at what he has done, Victor abandons his Creation.

Six years later, Victor returns home. The Creature follows him and, watching Victor with his family from afar, longs to be accepted and loved as one of them. On the day of Victor’s wedding to Elizabeth, the Creature draws closer, enraptured by Elizabeth’s beauty. Victor discovers the Creature, who, in his panic, kills Elizabeth. In his grief, Victor takes his own life, leaving the Creature once again alone and abandoned, cradling his creator.


The Royal Ballet’s Artist in Residence Liam Scarlett has become known for ballets that marry highly expressive movement, sophisticated musical response and dark psychological depth – in such works for The Royal Ballet as Asphodel Meadows, Sweet Violets and The Age of Anxiety on the main stage and Hansel and Gretel in the Linbury Studio Theatre. Now he creates his first full-length work for the main stage with Frankenstein, a period adaptation of Mary Shelley’s Gothic tale of morality and our craving for love, companionship and understanding.

For this new work Scarlett has assembled a number of regular collaborators. American composer Lowell Liebermann, whose First Piano Concerto provides the music for Scarlett’s Viscera, composes a new score. John Macfarlane (Asphodel Meadows, Sweet Violets, The Age of Anxiety) creates the designs, while David Finn provides lighting design.



Liam Scarlett


Lowell Liebermann


John Macfarlane

Lighting designer

David Finn

Projection designer

Finn Ross


Koen Kessels
Laura Morera
Federico Bonelli
The Creature
Steven McRae
Alphonse Frankenstein
Bennet Gartside
Caroline Beaufort
Christina Arestis
Madame Moritz
Elizabeth McGorian
Justine Moritz
Meaghan Grace Hinkis
Henry Clerval
Alexander Campbell
The Professor
Thomas Whitehead
William Frankenstein
Guillem Cabrera Espinach
Young Victor
Sacha Barber
Young Elizabeth
Skya Powney
Young Justine
Lauren Molyneux
Concert Master
Sergey Levitin
Orchestra of the Royal Opera House

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