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Nordic Matters Recital

9 June 2017
St Clement Danes

As part of Southbank Centre’s year-long celebration of Nordic art and culture, members of the Jette Parker Young Artists Programme present a recital of Nordic music at St Clement Danes.

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In association with Southbank Centre’s year-long Nordic Matters festival, the Jette Parker Young Artists Programme presents a concert of Nordic music at (the appropriately named!) St Clement Danes in the Strand. There are many theories about the origin of the church’s name, but they are all connected with presence of the Danes in this area of London in the 9th–11th centuries.

The programme includes songs and piano music by a range of Nordic composers, including Grieg’s op.38 and Jeg elsker dig (to a text by the beloved Danish fairytale writer Hans Christian Andersen) and excerpts from Carl Nielsen’s opera Maskerade.