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Don Giovanni Digital Programme

A digital programme containing specially selected films, articles and exclusives to bring you closer to the production.


    Supported by Nesta, Arts & Humanities Research Council and public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.


    Welcome to your Royal Opera House Guide to Don Giovanni, from Kasper Holten, The Royal Opera's Director of Opera

    Who is Don Giovanni? (exclusive film)

    In an exclusive backstage film, Mariusz Kwiecien, who sings the role of Don Giovanni, considers the question 'Who is Don Giovanni?'


    Mozart and the background to the creation and premiere of Don Giovanni in Prague

    The Story

    A full synopsis of Mozart's Don Giovanni

    Don Giovanni: A Musical Portrait

    Jessica Waldoff explains the unique musical portrait that Mozart created for the character of the nefarious Don

    Noble Tastes, Popular Entertainment

    The premiere of Don Giovanni came at a time of social and artistic change. Nicholas Manderson considers Mozart's opera as a popular entertainment for those with noble tastes


    Production team, Conductor and principal singers for this Season's performances


    Performances, screenings, timings and Royal Opera staff

    Performance photographs

    A gallery of photographs of the live performances of Don Giovanni at the Royal Opera House

    Kasper Holten's Video Diary

    The Director of this new production of Don Giovanni gives an insight into the creative process in his video diaries

    Don Giovanni on DVD and Blu-ray

    Directed by Kasper Holten with designs by Es Devlin, starring Marius Kwiecień, Alex Esposito and Véronique Gens, buy your copy of Mozart's opera