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Yoshi Gurwell: Music For Ballet Lovers - Class CDs

Yoshi Gurwell: Music For Ballet Lovers - Class CDs

Music for ballet class volumes 1 to 7 by Yoshi Gurwell.

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Classically trained in Tokyo, Yoshi Gurwell now lives and works in the US. This series of ballet class CD is entitled 'Music for Ballet Lovers' and has a different focus and style for each CD. Yoshi plays piano on all seven volumes with help from her husband Doug with composing, trumpet and flugelhoen on some CDs.

Piano & musical Arrangement by Yoshi Gurwell.


Volume 1 for Ballet Class

This straight-forward accompaniment for ballet class is perfect for students who need to focus on the steps. With easy to follow melodies and clear rhythms, this CD offers a collection of solo piano classical music arranged for a complete ballet class. For variety, Rond De Jambe En L’air is a duet for trumpet and piano. Use this music when you want to challenge your students with hard steps because it is so easy to follow. 36 tracks in all by Yoshi Gurwell & Alexei Moskalenko.


Volume 2 for Ballet & Pas de Deux Class

Several of the tracks on this CD by Yoshi and Doug Gurwell have the piano accompanied by trumpet or flugelhorn. This is a magical combination that is fun to dance to. The last seven tracks of this CD are devoted to Pas de Deux with slow promenades and adagios as well as a couple of exciting codas. The music is extremely easy to follow and all 40 different tracks contain an introduction and an even number of phrases.


Volume 3 Double CD for Ballet Class

This two CD set with Yoshi Gurwell on the piano and Doug Gurwell on the trumpet gives you all the music you will probably ever need for your ballet class. The first disc contains 69 tracks for the barre with at least 3 tracks devoted to each exercise. If you don’t like a particular tune just skip to the next one and it will work for your combination as well. The second disc focuses on centre combinations where there are several tracks for each exercise as well. The five bonus tracks at the end of the CD offer these two wonderful artists a chance to shine. Every kid will enjoy the swing in these last tracks.


Volume 4 for Ballet & Pointe Class

This CD, has a multitude of arrangements, which serves for both regular class and pointe. There are 15 pieces especially for pointe, however, any of the other songs can also be used aswell. There are also a selection of variations for groups of 4 dancers.


Volume 5 for Ballet & Boys Ballet Class

This CD has been made for an intermediate boys class. There is a lot of music for big jumps and large movements. The tracks are not repeated but there are several selections for each exercise, at the end of the barre is music for grand plies, releves and floor exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups. The second half of the CD is for the centre which contains plenty of music for exercise. Even though this CD is made for a boys class, it is very suitable for any intermediate ballet class, the big grand sound will be a very welcome change to your ballet class


Volume 6 'Gorgeous Moments' for Ballet Class

Vol. 6 contains 40 melodies all composed by Doug Gurwell played on the piano by Yoshi. This CD offers a big variety of rhythms like march, waltz, tango, tarantella, Dixie rags and lots more. The tracks are not repeated but there are two different selections for all the exercises at the Barre. In the Centre there are several tracks with different tempos for each exercise which makes it very easy to find just the right music for your dance combination.


Volume 7 'Precious Holiday Moments' Featuring Christmas music & Nutcracker Suite for Ballet Class

This CD offers 48 tracks of holiday music. The Barre music is all original holiday music composed by Doug Gurwell. In the Centre, there is music from the Nutcracker and a number of traditional Christmas songs. All the music is fun to dance to and perfect for several different exercises.


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