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Schoenberg: Moses und Aron CD

Schoenberg: Moses und Aron CD

Schoenberg's rarely performed opera conducted by Michael Gielen featuring Günter Reich, Louis Devos and the Austrian Symphony Orchestra

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Schoenberg started composing Moses und Aron (Aaron has an 'a' missing owing to the composer's superstition about the number 13) in 1928, working on the libretto and score up to 1933. Fleeing Vienna to escape the Nazi persecution of the Jewish population, Schoenberg settled in the USA, where he continued working throughout the 1940s but never completed Act III. The two-act version of Moses und Aron was first performed in 1954. In style, the work is severe, and nearer to oratorio than opera. However, in its dramatic and bloodthirsty moments it matches anything in Puccini's Turandot. A 12-tone Turandot, crossed with the fugal style found in the oratorios of Bach or Handel best describes this gritty, imposing, daunting 20th-century masterpiece.


Composer: Arnold Schoenberg

Moses: Günter Reich

Aaron: Louis Devos

A Young Girl: Eva Csapó

A Sick Woman: Elfriede Obrowsky

A Young Man/The Naked Youth: Roger Lucas

Another Man: Richard Salter

An Ephraimite: Ladislav Illavsky

A Priest: Werner Mann


Austrian Radio Chorus

Symphony Orchestra

Conductor: Michael Gielen

Year: 1974

Total time: 97:55 mins

Booklet contains an introduction to the opera, and a comprehensive synopsis of the plot


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