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My First Piano Album CD

My First Piano Album CD

Unique and imaginative, this CD will open a door to a wonderful world that children and parents can discover together.

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Listen to the piano turn into a bumblebee, a donkey, trolls, a bird, a horse and a butterfly! Sometimes it isn’t anything except a piano, but the music coming out of it is exciting and beautiful. Can you spot Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star? Mozart makes it twinkle in all kinds of different ways. There are so many things to enjoy here, and all from one amazing musical instrument: the piano.


Includes extracts from:

Schubert: Marche militaire
Grieg: March of the Trolls
Rimsky Korsakov: Flight of the Bumblebee
Joplin: Maple Leaf Rag
Beethoven: ‘Moonlight’ Sonata
Mozart: Rondo alla turca
Chopin: ‘Minute’ Waltz
Debussy: Golliwog’s Cakewalk
..and many more!


Running Time: 75:50 mins



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