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Infra - Max Richter CD

Infra - Max Richter CD

This latest release from modern classical star Max Richter is a collaboration with choreographer Wayne McGregor for the Royal Ballet. Premiered at the Royal Opera House in November 2008.
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Originally conceived as a Royal Ballet-commissioned collaboration between composer Max Richter, choreographer Wayne McGregor and artist Julian Opie, Richter's gorgeous score to Infra is deservedly given life of its own in this album-length release. The composition resonates with Richter's characteristic musical voice majestic, involved textures; fluent and sweeping melodies; an enigmatic and inherently intellectual understanding of harmonic complexities that compels and mesmerizes.


1. Infra 1
2. Journey 1
3. Infra 2
4. Infra 3
5. Journey 2
6. Infra 4
7. Journey 3
8. Journey 4
9. Journey 5
10. Infra 5
11. Infra 6
12. Infra 7
13. Infra 8


Piano, Electronics: Max Richter
Violin: Louisa Fuller, Natalia Bonner
Viola: Nick Barr
Cello: Chris Worsey, Ian Burdge
Composed: Mixed by: Max Richter
Engineer: Nick Wollage
Mastered by:  Mandy Parnell
Photography by [Original Photograph]: Bill Cooper
Recorded at Air Studios, London 2009 


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- Oliver
reviewed on
1 Apr 2013
I found Max Richter's music through INFRA, which is just incredible. The music on this CD is hauntingly beautiful and so very moving. Its wonderful to listen to both actively and passively in the background (although its hard to not be deeply moved at the same time). If I could give it six stars I would, it is that good!

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