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  1. Auditorium Ceiling Silk Scarf

    Auditorium Ceiling Silk Scarf

    Elegant silk scarf inspired by the ceiling of the Auditorium, made by Fox & Chave.
  2. Badge (Royal Opera House)

    Badge (Royal Opera House)

    A great gift for any opera fan!
  3. Bear in Bag (Royal Opera House)

    Bear in Bag (Royal Opera House)

    This opera bear in a bag is a fun gift for budding musicians.
  4. Black Swan Clutch Bag

    Black Swan Clutch Bag

    Elegant hand made ballet clutch bag, inspired by the Black Swan Tutu originally designed by Leslie Hurry.
  5. Card Case

    Card Case

    This compact silver plated card case is a great accessory for any event.
  6. Card: Madama Butterfly

    Card: Madama Butterfly

    Madama Butterfly Stencil Cut Greetings Card.
  7. Card: Pop-up Ballet

    Card: Pop-up Ballet

    Ballet Dancer card for all occasions!
  8. Card: Pop-up Royal Opera House

    Card: Pop-up Royal Opera House

    Great pop-up card featuring the Royal Opera House.
  9. Card: Royal Opera House

    Card: Royal Opera House

    Unique card featuring the Paul Hamlyn Hall drawn by artist Euan Cunningham.
  10. Champagne Stopper

    Champagne Stopper

    Don't let your champagne lose its fizz with this easy to use crested champagne stopper!
  11. Clock


    Elegant silver plated clock featuring the Royal Opera House crest.
  12. Cocorose Folding Pumps - Aurora

    Cocorose Folding Pumps - Aurora

    The first in an exclusive Royal Ballet collection of foldable shoes by Cocorose London.
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