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  1. Auditorium Ceiling Silk Scarf

    Auditorium Ceiling Silk Scarf

    Elegant silk scarf inspired by the ceiling of the Auditorium, made by Fox & Chave.
  2. Cocorose Folding Pumps - Aurora

    Cocorose Folding Pumps - Aurora

    The first in an exclusive Royal Ballet collection of foldable shoes by Cocorose London.
  3. Cocorose Folding Pumps - Perdita

    Cocorose Folding Pumps - Perdita

    New Royal Ballet foldable ballet pump from Cocorose London.
  4. Firebird Scarf

    Firebird Scarf

    Eye catching silk scarf inspired by the tutu worn by The Firebird.
  5. Girls Leggings by Joules

    Girls Leggings by Joules

    Pirouette into the season with these official Royal Ballet collection leggings.
  6. Girls Legwarmers by Joules

    Girls Legwarmers by Joules

    Perfect for a budding ballerina!
  7. Girls Pink Hoody by Joules

    Girls Pink Hoody by Joules

    Royal Ballet Little Joule clothing collection
  8. Scarf - Golden Devore

    Scarf - Golden Devore

    Beautiful golden scarf inspired by the Royal Opera House's Paul Hamlyn Hall.
  9. Scarf - Granfoulard

    Scarf - Granfoulard

    This large stylish scarf takes inspiration from the classic design of the Paul Hamlyn Hall.
  10. Silk Tie (Blue)

    Silk Tie (Blue)

    Paul Hamlyn Hall motif tie exclusively produced for the Royal Opera House



  11. Silk Tie (Red)

    Silk Tie (Red)

    Royal Opera House tie featuring a pattern inspired by the Paul Hamlyn Hall.



  12. T-shirt Ballerina Outline

    T-shirt Ballerina Outline

    Royal Ballet t-shirt available in pink, white and black with ballerina line drawing design.
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