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  1. iPhone 5 case (Fonteyn & Nureyev)

    iPhone 5 case (Fonteyn & Nureyev)

    Protect your iPhone 5 with this stylish case featuring Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev.
  2. iPhone 5 case (Jewels)

    iPhone 5 case (Jewels)

    Protect your iPhone 5 and make a statement with this beautiful mobile phone case featuring Natalia Osipova.
  3. iPhone 5 case (The Sleeping Beauty)

    iPhone 5 case (The Sleeping Beauty)

    Snap-on iPhone case featuring Marianela Nuñez in The Sleeping Beauty.
  4. Mirror: Ballet Shoe

    Mirror: Ballet Shoe

    Handy size for your handbag, or a great gift for a budding ballerina!
  5. Opera Glasses

    Opera Glasses

    Classic opera glasses perfect for all theatre goers!
  6. Royal Ballet Shoulder Bag (Pink)

    Royal Ballet Shoulder Bag (Pink)

    Large Royal Ballet shoulder bag – great dance bag with lots of space inside!
  7. Royal Opera House Fan

    Royal Opera House Fan

    Elegant paper fan, perfect for a night out at the theatre.
  8. Scarf - Swan Lake

    Scarf - Swan Lake

    Large black and white scarf inspired by the ballet Swan Lake.
  9. Scarf – Golden Devore

    Scarf – Golden Devore

    Beautiful golden scarf inspired by the Royal Opera House's Paul Hamlyn Hall.
  10. Scarf – Granfoulard

    Scarf – Granfoulard

    This large stylish scarf takes inspiration from the classic design of the Paul Hamlyn Hall.
  11. Silk Tie (Blue)

    Silk Tie (Blue)

    Paul Hamlyn Hall motif tie exclusively produced for the Royal Opera House



  12. Silk Tie (Red)

    Silk Tie (Red)

    Royal Opera House tie featuring a pattern inspired by the Paul Hamlyn Hall.



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