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Voices of Spring

A Viennese whirl of a piece, Frederick Ashton’s pas de deux is accompanied by Johann Strauss II’s spirited waltz.

Most recent performance

There are currently no scheduled performances of Voices of Spring. It was last on stage 12–23 February 2013.


A ballerina and her partner follow the swirling melodies of Johann Strauss II’s Frühlingsstimmen waltz with show-stopping choreography.


Voices of Spring is set to the Frühlingsstimmen waltz (1883) by Johann Strauss II. Frederick Ashton created the piece for The Royal Opera’s 1977 production of Strauss’s Die Fledermaus, where it replaced one of the score’s original numbers in the second-act ball scene. The piece was renamed Voices of Spring and given its first performance independent from the operetta in a gala in Los Angeles the following year. From the opening tableau through to the dance’s low lifts, Ashton’s steps interpret the sense of effortless, gravity-defying movement that defines the waltz.

News and features

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    18 February 2013

    What being in the studio with Frederick Ashton was really like.