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The Illustrated 'Farewell'

6–17 November 2017
Main Stage

Twyla Tharp creates a new work for The Royal Ballet to Haydn’s ‘Farewell’ Symphony, expanding on her 1973 work As Time Goes By.

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Twyla Tharp occupies a rare position in choreography: she is as much an innovator of contemporary dance and theatre as she is a major ballet choreographer. She has created more than 160 works for dance companies, film and Broadway. She now makes a long overdue return to The Royal Ballet – more than twenty years after her first work for Covent Garden – to create a new work, The Illustrated ‘Farewell’, that returns to and expands upon 1973’s As Time Goes By.

In As Time Goes By Tharp set the final movements of Haydn’s ‘Farewell’ Symphony. For The Illustrated ‘Farewell’ she completes the symphony by setting the first two movements, creating a ‘prequel’ to her era-defining work from 1973.