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Experience Baroque music by candlelight in Kasper Holten’s innovative production of Cavalli’s comic opera L'Ormindo, in collaboration with Shakespeare’s Globe.

Most recent performance

There are currently no scheduled performances of L’Ormindo. It was last on stage 3 February—5 March 2015 as part of the Winter 2014/15 season.

The Story

Princes Ormindo and Amidas have fallen in love with Erisbe, wife of the elderly King Ariadenus. Meanwhile Princess Sicle, Amidas’s spurned lover, plots to get Amidas back, enlisting her old nurse Eryka as an ally.

Eryka tells Amidas Sicle has died of grief. Amidas feels terrible, and is overjoyed when he discovers Sicle is in fact alive. Ormindo and Erisbe elope but are captured by Ariadenus, who sentences them both to death. It emerges that Ormindo is Ariadenus' long lost son. Ariadenus frees Erisbe to marry Ormindo and embraces Ormindo as his successor.


Discover a gem of the Baroque opera repertory in the intimate surroundings of the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, the Jacobean theatre at Shakespeare’s Globe. The Sam Wanamaker Playhouse opened in January 2014, providing an exquisite, 350-seat venue evoking the candlelit theatres of Shakespeare’s day. Kasper Holten’s production of L’Ormindo, a unique collaboration between the Royal Opera House and Shakespeare’s Globe, was the first opera to be performed at the theatre and was acclaimed by critics and public.

Holten’s inventive new staging draws on the stagecraft and theatrical tricks of the 17th century to bring to life a comic tale of sex, disguise and deception. First performed in Venice in 1644, Francesco Cavalli's L’Ormindo follows the trials and tribulations of two pairs of lovers in the ancient kingdom of Mauretania. The opera’s mixture of lively comedy, sublime romance and gorgeous music makes for an unforgettable experience.


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