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There are currently no scheduled performances of King Size. It was last on stage 14–18 April 2015 as part of the Spring 2014/15 season.


A couple are trying to sleep in an unfamiliar room, but they feel lost in the huge bed. As their dreams take over they console themselves through songs from Schumann to The Jackson 5 via The Kinks and Michel Polnareff.


Swiss director and composer Christoph Marthaler has long been at the forefront of European theatre. In King Size, first performed in Basel in 2013, he presents a hugely original take on the Liederabend. In Mathaler's hands this traditional 'evening of song' becomes a witty, charming and profound meditation on love and the seduction of dreams.

At the heart of Marthaler's vision is the musical phenomenon of enharmonics – two notes that have different names but sound the same. Mathaler uses this idea not only to unite songs from across lyrical history but to explore self and other, dream and reality. Bendix Dethleffsen creates the score.

News and features

  1. Your Reaction: King Size 2015

    17 April 2015

    What did you think of Christoph Marthaler's witty evening of song, featuring tunes by artists as diverse as Robert Schumann and The Kinks?