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Dot, Squiggle and Rest

13–21 June 2015
Clore Studio Upstairs

The award-winning Polka Theatre presents their new children's opera, in collaboration with The Royal Opera's former Composer in Residence, Elspeth Brooke.

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The award-winning Polka Theatre presents their new opera for children aged 2–4.


For more than thirty years Polka Theatre has been at the forefront of developing innovative and engaging theatre for children. They now present a new opera, Dot, Squiggle and Rest, in collaboration with The Royal Opera. Joy Haynes, Director of Norwich Puppet Theatre and a regular at Polka Theatre, joins forces again with composer Elspeth Brooke after their acclaimed Star at the mac Birmingham.

Haynes is committed to making theatre for very young children, using an irresistible fusion of opera, dance, puppetry and digital animation. Dot, Squiggle and Rest has been specially created to draw toddlers into a world of shape and sound to fire their imaginations. Brooke, a rising star in British contemporary music and an experienced writer for voice and theatre, brings together a strong interest in education with an imaginative use of sound and texture to create inspiring soundscapes.

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