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Deloitte Ignite: Festival Day

Your pass to a vibrant cocktail of the finest singers, musicians, dancers, costume and prop makers, street performers and everyone in between!

Most recent performance

There are currently no scheduled performances of Deloitte Ignite: Festival Day. It was last on stage 5–27 September 2015.


Deloitte Ignite is a month-long festival of free, fun and interactive events in around the Royal Opera House. Book your free day-pass for the 5, 6 and 27 September to discover the range of free events going on inside the building.

You can learn a chorus, make some props, try your hand (and arms and legs) at ballet and contemporary dance, see performances of everything from hula-hoop artistes to trolley-dancing tea ladies, learn how to fight with a sword and knight with your fingers, and get your teeth into the delicious food from our Spanish-themed outdoor kitchen – all for free. Plus, anyone with or without a day-pass can enjoy the mind-boggling performances on the Covent Garden piazza from a host of international street artists.

Some of our free events, including the Sing-alongs and the Detour backstage tour, require additional booking. Follow the links to find out more.