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Ballo della regina

The Royal Ballet

George Balanchine's joyful choreography, set to music by Verdi, is guaranteed to lift the spirits.

Most recent performance

There are currently no scheduled performances of Ballo della regina. It was last on stage 21 May—15 June 2012.


This non-narrative ballet darts between different moods and tempos to match Verdi's tuneful and varied score.


George Balanchine choreographed ballets for several Verdi operas at the start of his career, in the 1920s and 1930s. In 1978, he returned to Verdi for one of his final ballets. Balanchine created exhilarating choreography for the ballet music from the original production of Don Carlos. He was inspired by the warmth and bold technique of the ballerina Merrill Ashley, for whom he created the work. Ashley brought Ballo della regina to The Royal Ballet in 2011.

Ballo della regina begins with an entrée for the ballerina and her partner, dressed in white and pale blue, and the corps de ballet. This is followed by an adagio, several virtuosic solo variations and a spirited coda. The lead ballerina's role offers many challenges, with precision leaps and fast-paced, elaborate steps, which gather in intensity as the work progresses. Ashley described it as a combination of strength and delicacy: 'my role is like a powerhouse, but you also have to make it look light, airy, effortless, refined … like fragile cut glass.'

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Ballo della Regina is a one-act ballet choreographed by George Balanchine to music by Giuseppe Verdi. It is a set of variations set to ballet music (titled La Peregrina) that Verdi cut from Act 3 of the original 1867 version of his opera Don Carlos. Its premiere performance was on 12 January 1978, by the New York City Ballet at New York State Theater in Lincoln Center. The work is noted for the high degree of technical difficulties it presents for the female lead. Ballo della Regina was featured in an Emmy-winning PBS performance entitled Balanchine: Dance in America - Ballo della Regina - Steadfast Tin Soldier - Elegie - Tschaikovsky.

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