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Eugène Leterrier



French librettist Eugène Leterrier (1843–84) wrote in collaboration with librettist Albert Vanloo. Their partnership lasted nearly twenty years and produced 18 librettos, many of which were opéras bouffes and set by such composers as Chabrier and Offenbach.

Leterrier was born in Paris. He worked as a clerk in the Hôtel de Ville before creating his first work for the stage, Un Mariage aux petites affiches, in 1867. Around this time he met Vanloo, and they first worked together on Le Petit Poucet in 1868.

Their later works included Lecocq’s Giroflé-Girofla, La Petite Mariée, La Marjolaine, La Camargo, La Jolie Persane and Le Jour et la nuit, Offenbach’s Le Voyage dans la lune, Chabrier’s L’Étoile and Messager’s La Béarnaise.