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Charles Duveyrier



French playwright Charles Duveyrier (1803–66) is best known today as co-librettist for Verdi’s Les Vêpres siciliennes, written in collaboration with Eugène Scribe.

Duveyrier was born in Paris. He was an outspoken advocate of Saint-Simonianism, a utopian philosophical movement founded by Henri de Saint-Simon that focussed on the impact of industrialisation and scientific discovery on society. Duveyrier wrote numerous publications on the subject, notably L’Avenir et les Bonaparte.

Duveyrier’s family was well-known. His father was the famous lawyer, politician and playwright Honoré-Nicolas-Marie Duveyrier, his half-brother was the dramatist Anne-Honoré-Joseph Duveyrier, otherwise known as Mélesville, and in turn his son, Henri Duveyrier, became a famous explorer and geographer, best known for his work in the Sahara.