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Your Reaction: The Minotaur

Your tweets about the opening night of Harrison Birtwistle's mythical opera.

By Chris Shipman (Head of Online Content)

18 January 2013 at 11.53am | 2 Comments

Your Reaction: The Minotaur

Your tweets about the opening night of Harrison Birtwistle's mythical opera.

Storified by Royal Opera House· Fri, Jan 18 2013 02:56:18

A selection of audience comments...
The Minotaur at ROH: even more so than five years ago it was visceral and unyielding #ROHMinotaurThomas Corrie
@kasperholten. #ROHminotaur wonderful evening at the @RoyalOperaHouse intense, dark, powerful music... Congratulations to all involved!Victor Orive-Martin
So. My thoughts on #rohminotaur. Amazing score, v sensitive direction. Stonking voices. Maybe a bit too long. There - I could be a crit.Christopher Calvert
The Minotaur Stage Rehearsal - Royal Opera LIVEroyaloperahouse
#rohminotaur is way too rich and intense to sum up adequately in a tweet, but do go- it's wonderful (there's even a pythonesque moment or 2)John Reid
Enough blood, sex, ritualistic sacrifice, emotion & drama to match any horror movie ...but with better acting & music. Amazing. #rohminotaurEllie Wilson
Think what you will but I hated #RohMinotaur. There we are. Not open minded enough...Fedja Hadrovich
Well that was a bloody, great evening at #rohminotaur Hope Birtwistle's next opera will see whole stalls circle given to percussion sectionGuy Dammann
The Minotaur Sitzprobe - Royal Opera LIVEroyaloperahouse
#ROHminotaur - what an electrifying & visceral piece of theatre!! Not always the easiest to listen to but very atmospheric & fantastic cast!Tom Oxenham
Not sure if two sacrificial scenes are needed but #ROHminotaur is wow! John Tomlinson is superb and @lfkmeister is hungry for BLOOD!!!!!Minjas Zugik
£4 standing for #ROHminotaur. The best value opera I've ever seen! 'Gawain' still sitting pretty on top of the wishlist though.Jonathan Musgrave
We are alarming our fellow passangers with our bullish snorts of delight & enthusiasm & Volvic water bottle horns. #ROHMinotaur was grand!Rebecca Hurst
The Minotaur - The Labyrinth scene extract (The Royal Opera)royaloperahouse
John  Tomlinson celebrated 35 years performing with The Royal Opera and was presented with a cake...
John Tomlinson with composer Harrison Birtwistle after The Minotaur, celebrating 35 years performing with The Royal Opera © ROH / Sim Canetty-Clarke 2013Royal Opera House Covent Garden
Great to see Sir John Tomlinson celebrate 35 years on stage tonight with a tremendous performance! #rohminotaurRachel Holland
And happy 35th ROH-versary Sir John! Bringing out the animal in every part he sings! #rohminotaur @RoyalOperaHouseEnglishNationalOpera
Not everyday you hear declarations of love shouted down from the amphi. I love you too, John! #ROHMinotaurVampire Soup
@RoyalOperaHouse Sir John Tomlinson marks 35th anniversary at Covent Garden. Monster achievement (joke - you had to be there - Minotaur)Louise Jury
What an amazing night to be part of. So lucky to stand on the same stage with the wonderful John Tomlinson, 35! #ROHMinotaurNadine Livingston
Read our Q&A with the man of the moment...
Q&A: John TomlinsonJohn Tomlinson during the Twitter Q&A © ROH 2012 [View the story "Q&A: John Tomlinson" on Storify] Q&A: John Tomlinson The legendary oper...

What did you think of The Minotaur?

By Chris Shipman (Head of Online Content)

18 January 2013 at 11.53am

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This article has 2 comments

  1. David Morgan responded on 18 January 2013 at 7:27pm Reply

    This was a a wonderful powerful evening. Loved it
    and moved by John Tomlinson celebrating 35 years
    At the ROH.

  2. Michael de Navarro responded on 28 January 2013 at 6:27pm Reply

    Even better than first time round. A masterpiece. Well done all involved.

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