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Your reaction: Swan Lake in cinemas

A selection of your tweets about the first live relay of the Season to cinemas around the world.

By Chris Shipman (Content Producer (Social Media and News))

24 October 2012 at 12.30pm | 25 Comments

The Royal Opera House Cinema Season, in association with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, continues in November with the opera Les Troyens before a live relay of The Nutcracker on 13 December.

By Chris Shipman (Content Producer (Social Media and News))

24 October 2012 at 12.30pm

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This article has 25 comments

  1. Tony Bramwell responded on 24 October 2012 at 11:41am Reply

    Watched Swan Lake spellbound at the Odeon in Manchester's Trafford Centre. So much closer to the action, fabulous costumes and wonderful mime and dance than I've ever been before. Breathtaking.

  2. Niki Conraths responded on 24 October 2012 at 12:01pm Reply

    I am going to watch it in the middle of nowhere in Northern Michigan on November 4th with my students! Can't wait!

  3. Watched this last night at Blackpol Odeon and really enjoyed it, despite the fleabites.
    Until we lost the picture just before the Dying Swan, what an anticlimax. Very sad :-(

    • Chris Shipman (Content Producer (Social Media and News)) responded on 24 October 2012 at 3:41pm

      Hi Lyn,

      Glad you enjoyed it but apologies about the issues. Please be assured we are working with Blackpool Odeon to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

      Hope to have you back for a future relay.

      Social Media Manager

  4. Elaine responded on 24 October 2012 at 4:17pm Reply

    simplesmente magnífico. infelismente também tivemos problemas de transmição aqui no Cinemark-Ribeirão Preto, mas não foi suficiente para ofuscar a beleza do espetáculo.

  5. Luke Finn responded on 24 October 2012 at 4:50pm Reply

    Attended last night at Gerrards Cross Odeon. Either their projector was setup wrong or the feed was corrupt because the whole performance was projected with a very distracting progressive motion. It looked like it was projected in 24/25p (looked very similar to 3:2 pulldown) as all pans and moves were exhibiting very bad progressive motion artifacts.

    The manager didn't know the difference between 50i interlace smooth motion video and 25p progressive when I enquired.

    I was very disappointed as this spoiled the whole evening as I was totally distracted by this dreadful motion blur.

    • Chris Shipman (Content Producer (Social Media and News)) responded on 26 October 2012 at 4:40pm

      Sorry to hear about this Luke. Please be assured we are looking into this to ensure it doesn't occur again.

      Social Media Manager

  6. Affordable ballet, a chance for people all over the world to have access to this beautiful ballet. I had goose bumps as the music started, and stayed mesmorised by the outstanding quality of the performance: not only the dancing, the costumes, and scenery and musicians etc. Well done all.

  7. Graham responded on 24 October 2012 at 6:42pm Reply

    Swan Lake was an excellent production with superb sound but the relay on screen had too much close up imaging so the movement of dancers in the background was mesmerising and irritating. An overall view of the whole stage would have been better for us, as one gets at Covent Garden in the theatre itself.

  8. Philip booth responded on 24 October 2012 at 7:21pm Reply

    Stage manager get that truck sorted in the final moments of the ballet you are part of the illusion don't kill it by not been able to get the truck across the stage with out shuddering , naff.

  9. lyn swan-ellison responded on 24 October 2012 at 7:50pm Reply

    thanks Chris.

  10. Monica Foster responded on 24 October 2012 at 10:16pm Reply

    What a fabulous evening. With confortable seats at a 10th of ROH prices, glorious close ups of every move, heaven could not be better. Whoever thought of the idea of bringing live opera/ballet to the cinema for the masses deserves a medal. Monica

  11. Maria Lucia responded on 25 October 2012 at 12:31am Reply

    The final minutes of Act 3. A glimpse into the Beyond. Only once happened in Time and Space, but for ever engraved in (my) Mind: the embodiment of the Soul, its transfiguration into Body reenacted by a Woman while she sank into a Swan-body . Ave, Zenaida!

  12. Alexandre Avellar responded on 25 October 2012 at 3:17am Reply

    I had the impression that the "danse des petits cygnes" - Act IV No. 27 - wasn't played. Anyone else notice that? I am a musician who knows perfectly well the ballet and I was wide awake, specially at Act IV. Someone tell me please that I am not going mad.

  13. I enjoyed the performance of 'Swan Lake' or Le Lac des Cygnes' as it is here in France but was disappointed with the quality of sound which was distorted at times and also had some vision disturbance. Took it up with Cinema in Niort who said it was out of their control and originated at either the ROH or the Satellite service provider, and was present throughout all of the cinemas relaying the performance. Not sure how widespread the problem was but wonder if you could follow it up please.
    With many thanks,
    Audrey Williamson

    • Chris Shipman (Content Producer (Social Media and News)) responded on 26 October 2012 at 4:39pm

      Hi Audrey,

      Apologies for this. We're looking into it to ensure it doesn't happen again.

      Glad you enjoyed the performance otherwise.


      Social Media Manager

  14. Alison Spires responded on 27 October 2012 at 12:31am Reply

    I saw the matinee performance at ROH on 17 Oct and also at Vue, Camberley on 23 October. One gets a different perspective in a cinema performance, but it was equally as enjoyable as the 'real thing'! Zenaida Yankowsky was brilliant; she brought drama and maturity to her performance and I am a new fan of hers.
    The only thing which marred our enjoyment was the out of focus camera work; please sort this out before Troyens and the Nutcracker.
    It was great to be able to walk home after the performance and not have to rush for the last train out of Waterloo to the sticks! More live relays please.

  15. John B responded on 27 October 2012 at 12:27pm Reply

    Minor break at the Ludlow Assembly Rooms screening yesterday evening but audience enjoyed the experience immensely. Many thanks to our technical staff and all concerned for an exhilarating evening.

  16. DaveM responded on 28 October 2012 at 9:46pm Reply

    just curious - does Zenaida actually have the copyright for that music? She certainly gives the impression of owning it!

  17. Peggy Kay responded on 4 November 2012 at 7:31pm Reply

    Audible gasps, utter delight, much applause, and immense appreciation at American Film Institute, Silver Spring, Maryland, US. Many thanks for the magnificent ballet and for the rehearsal scenes and interviews. What a tremendous experience!

  18. Marcia Karasoff responded on 5 November 2012 at 1:31am Reply

    Today, at Cinemark in Boynton Beach, FL, I attended a live broadcast of Swan Lake. What a wonderful experience. It was beautifully danced, especially Zenaida and Nehmiah. Loved it.

  19. Tony Kellen responded on 5 November 2012 at 9:20pm Reply

    Very enjoyable performance of Swan Lake at the cinema. I knew the main characters would be very
    well performed. I was delighted by the performance
    of Yuhui Choe in Act I. I had never heard of her but
    hopefully she will appear again in cinema or DVD
    for those of us who don't get to the UK often. Bravo
    Royal Ballet!

  20. cherie responded on 7 November 2012 at 6:09am Reply

    As a child my mother took me to see the American Ballet Theatre with Mikhail Baryshnikov live at the Auditorium in Chicago but, Now I am here in the Desert of Phoenix Arizona, where my daughter a lover of ballet watched the beautiful ballet of Swan Lake! We completely enjoyed every moment what a treat for us! The inside film of the rehearsals made it extra special!
    Zenaida and Nehmiah were a beautiful pair to watch!!!!

  21. Chechula responded on 14 November 2012 at 5:17pm Reply

    Absolutely amazing. One of the most beautiful things I'ver ever seen in screen. I can't wait to see The Nutcracker

  22. Katherine Keniston responded on 24 February 2014 at 1:47am Reply

    A friend of mine who has gone through some ordeals in recent years joined me to watch this wonderful production. She emailed me today with this comment: "I am still feeling touched about the ballet. A happy, lovely feeling all over. It was wonderful to expose ourselves to something so positive."

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