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Your reaction: Mayerling

Audience tweets from the opening night of Kenneth MacMillan's dark ballet.

By Chris Shipman (Head of Online Content)

20 April 2013 at 12.29pm | 3 Comments

Your reaction: Mayerling

Audience tweets from the opening night of Kenneth MacMillan's dark ballet.

Storified by Royal Opera House· Sat, Apr 20 2013 04:25:31

I'm totally exhausted just by watching #rohmayerling. What a powerful piece!Yosh M
Would a simple hug from his Mum have prevented all the devastation? #ROHmayerlingCarol Newton
A tad disappointed with Act I of #ROHMayerling but to give cast credit it grew and grew through II & IIIGraham Watts
#ROHmayerling tonight was 1 of the best I've ever seen. A stellar cast, all performing with every fibre of their being. I'm still on a high!Lee McLernon
Edward Watson as Crown Prince Rudolf and Iohna Loots as Princess Stephanie in Mayerling © ROH / Bill Cooper 2009Royal Opera House Covent Garden
Well deserved foot stomping reception for Ed Watson #RoHMayerling but brilliant from Mara G, going out on a high. Acts 2&3 strongest tonightR Macrae-Gibson
Utterly captivated. Unbearable tension at the end. Ed Watson: the characterisation, the solos, *those* legs #ROHMayerlingVicky P
I don't think I've ever seen a dancer look so wrecked after a performance. Ed Watson looked utterly destroyed. #ROHMayerlingVampire Soup
#ROHmayerling so good I forgot horrid wisdom tooth pain for 3solid hours. Transfixed! (And Ed Watson is putting my dentist out of business)Elise Williams
Mayerling Masterclass - The Royal Balletroyaloperahouse
It's going to take me awhile to get over how amazing #rohmayerling was. Or I might never get over it.Rosslyn
#Mayerling opening Cervera & Morera & Maguire kept it sharp. underwhelmed overall:-( simply violent pdd's where was the light and shade?:-(rightroyalballetbore
Ed Watson plumbs dark places in a sensational performance as Rudolf in Mayerling. Lamb, Galeazzi and Yanowsky go there with him. Stunning!Rupert Christiansen
Loved #Mayerling @RoyalOperaHouse tonight. Macmillan at his best and danced amazingly by Royal Ballet but especially #EdWatson as Rudolf!Tracey Low

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Mayerling runs until 15 June 2013. Tickets are still available. The production is staged with generous philanthropic support from Celia Blakey, Lady Ashcroft, John and Susan Burns and Gail and Gerald Ronson through the Gerald Ronson Foundation.

By Chris Shipman (Head of Online Content)

20 April 2013 at 12.29pm

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This article has 3 comments

  1. David Buntin responded on 30 May 2013 at 10:29pm Reply

    Unbelieably brilliant performance by Edward Watson. The audience were stamping there feet and cheering in amazement at curtain calls when Edward Watson stepped out from behind the red velvet curtains.

  2. Gianmarco responded on 7 June 2013 at 8:14pm Reply

    Edward Watson performs in a most significant and sensitive way at worldwide level; within the niche up to difficult interpretation of expressive contemporary dance in a wide range he is a real jewel for ROH's ballet; besides that he is an absolutely gentle personality...a bit of a loveable freak, that's why we love you Watsie!

  3. Tony Gibson responded on 15 June 2013 at 11:48pm Reply

    Final nights are something special made more so by outstanding performances from Leanne and Carlos - a final act which will remain with many forever

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