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Articles tagged with "joiners"

Promotions, joiners and leavers at The Royal Ballet

3 July 2014

Details of Company changes for the upcoming Season have been announced.

Royal Ballet Leavers and Joiners: Mid-Season Update

12 March 2014

Three new Principals and six Artists have joined the Company during 2013/14.

The Royal Ballet offers contracts to two Royal Ballet School Students

25 October 2013

Reece Clarke and Gina Storm-Jensen to join The Royal Ballet next week.

Royal Ballet promotions and joiners for 2013/14 Season

3 July 2013

Melissa Hamilton promoted to rank of First Soloist among other changes for coming Season.

Two Royal Ballet School graduates join The Royal Ballet

23 November 2012

Anna Rose O'Sullivan and Marcelino Sambé join the Company as Artists.

Royal Ballet Promotions, Leavers and Joiners

11 July 2012

Details of Company changes for the 2012/13 season have been announced.

Royal Ballet promotions, joiners and leavers

22 September 2011

Details of changes for the 2011/12 Royal Ballet season.