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Q&A: Royal Ballet Principal Roberta Marquez

Join us on Thursday 14 February and submit your questions.

By Chris Shipman (Head of Brand Engagement and Social Media)

11 February 2013 at 12.20pm | 5 Comments

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Read Roberta's answers to your questions. Thanks for your submissions, this Q&A is now closed.

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This Thursday (14 February) Royal Ballet Principal Roberta Marquez will be joining us for a live Q&A via Twitter ahead of her trip to Brazil with other artists from The Royal Ballet.

What we’ll be asking Roberta is up to you, so send us your questions via the comments area below or using the hashtag #askthedancer.

You might want to ask her about how she prepares for dancing in front of thousands each night or the differences between performing with The Royal Ballet compared to dancing in her native Brazil.

In the remaining 2012/13 Season productions, Roberta will dance La Bayadère and Symphony in C.

We’ll ask Roberta a selection of the questions from 6pm (British Summer Time) on 14 February, so make sure you follow us on Twitter before then. A Storify of the Q&A will be published after the event.

We look forward to reading your questions!

By Chris Shipman (Head of Brand Engagement and Social Media)

11 February 2013 at 12.20pm

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This article has 5 comments

  1. I went to London in march 2004, so almost 10 years ago...and I remember I saw in 4 consecutive days, 4 sleeping beauties, FOUR¡¡¡
    Thursday, Nuñez, Saturday matinée, Cojocaru, Saturday night, Rojo and Sunday MARQUEZ.
    Well, after 3 great Auroras, I have to admit that I did not expect much of the sunday performance, and voilà....I discovered an unknown Marquez , unknown for me of course, and I say, she was the best of the 4, at least for me , she was the PERFECT Aurora.
    I went to the hotel that evening sooooo happy, as my last performance of Sleeping Beauty had been the best of 4. Of course, all Auroras were great, but Roberta was so special, her technique, ideal, kind of Nuñez. I was really impressed.
    So, If I may, I'd ask her, what do you remember of that specific march 2004, sunday performance? How come you danced sooo perfect, I mean, smile, technique, musicality, EVERYTHING was in place, I repeat, the ideal Aurora.
    Well, sorry for the long comment, but it brings me such wonderful memories....:-)

  2. Hi :) I have two questions: 1) did you ever think about being famous when you decided to be a ballet dancer? and 2) how did you come to join The Royal Ballet as a principal, instead of joining the Royal Ballet School or going through the corps?

  3. oh, and another one: 3) if it had come a point when you realized you wouldn't be going past corps level, would you have continued dancing anyway?

  4. Ntoinette responded on 12 February 2013 at 8:39pm Reply

    In response to Lara's question re. corps level - it needs to be noted that many of the members of the corps in the Royal Ballet dance soloist and sometimes Principal roles - this doesn't necessarily mean promotion, but does allow for a certain level of career satisfaction - nearly all the talented corps could be propelled to higher levels, but there just isn't enough space for them all. It is a very sorry commonly thought idea that being a corps member is a kind of 'failure' - they shouldn't be made to feel this way.

  5. Robin Smith responded on 13 February 2013 at 4:07pm Reply

    For a full length ballet performance what is Roberta's routine for the day of the performance;
    a) For an evening performance.
    b) For a matinee.

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