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From the Royal Opera Chorus in Japan - Day 5

By Royal Opera House

8 September 2010 at 4.15pm | Comment on this article

Wednesday morning and we wake to grey skies and drizzle.  By the time most of us venture out it is raining quite hard.  Although a change from the sunshine it’s not really any cooler – too hot for rainwear so the streets are a sea of plastic umbrellas.

In the early afternoon there is a massive torrential rainstorm with widespread flash flooding.  We discover the massive shortcomings of the British fabric umbrella!

Many arrive at Bunka Kaikan for the Manon General completely waterlogged.  I for one have never been so keen to get into costume.  Now the orchestra has arrived backstage at the theatre it is very busy indeed.  There is a small but appreciative audience and the show goes pretty well.  Matthew Polenzani is extremely impressive in his first run at Des Grieux with orchestra, in costume, on the set, and singing with Anna Netrebko.  She is, as usual, just magnificent. Despite the airconditioning it has been a sweaty evenings’work.  By the time we leave the theatre, the rain has stopped and it’s a cool 22 degrees.

Tomorrow it’s a change of venue as we travel to Yokohama for a Stage and Piano rehearsal of La traviata.

- John Bernays

By Royal Opera House

8 September 2010 at 4.15pm

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