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Articles by Will Richmond

Kafka's daily grind: The Trial and the dehumanizing boredom of office life

9 October 2014

In his most famous stories this iconic author explored the relentless tedium of working life.

Don Juan and the Modern Mind: Adaptations on stage and screen

30 January 2014

The irresistible seducer through the ages, from Molina and Molière through to Johnny Depp and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The Wasp Factory: A political allegory?

2 October 2013

Read between the lines and Iain Banks’s cult novel can be read as a post-Orwellian critique of Thatcher.

Franz Kafka: Cryptic, confessional, aphoristic

28 February 2013

Ahead of Kafka Fragments and The Metamorphosis, a look at the iconic writer’s work and worldview.