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1565 articles by 115 authors

Alasdair Steven

Music writer

(2 articles)

Albie Ray

Head of Hospitality, Royal Opera House Restaurants

(5 articles)

Alexandra Godfree

Learning and Participation Officer

(4 articles)

Alex Beard

Chief Executive

(4 articles)

Alfie the dog

Animal Actor

(1 article)

Amanda Holloway

Freelance writer

(8 articles)

Amanda Saunders

Director of Development

(1 article)

Anna Coleman

Learning and Participation Intern

(1 article)

Ann Davies

Professor of Spanish & Latin American Studies, University of Stirling

(1 article)

Beth Baker-Wyse

ROH Student Ambassador, Loughborough University

(1 article)

Bonnie Greer

Guest author. Playwright, author and critic

(1 article)

Chris Shipman

Content Producer (Social Media and News)

(547 articles)

Christopher Cook

ROH Magazine writer

(2 articles)

Christopher Saunders

Ballet Master and Principal Character Artist

(1 article)

Christopher Wintle

Opera scholar

(1 article)

Christopher Wheeldon

Artistic Associate of The Royal Ballet

(1 article)

Claire Judd

(2 articles)

Clare Thurman

Former Ballet Education Manager

(1 article)

Courtney Smith (Opera Chic)

Opera Blogger

(1 article)

Cristina Franchi

Exhibitions and Heritage Publications Manager

(5 articles)

Cynthia Brown and Andy Tomkins

Les Troyens supporters

(1 article)

David Wilson

ROH Student Ambassador and blogger (

(2 articles)

David Nice

Writer, broadcaster and lecturer on music.

(1 article)

David Syrus

Head of Music

(1 article)

David Watson

Former Digital Designer

(1 article)

Douglas Jarman

Music Scholar

(1 article)

Edgar Kamga

Cinema Operations Manager

(1 article)

Elizabeth Davis

Editorial Assistant

(6 articles)

Ellen West

Head of Online Content

(43 articles)

Elspeth Brooke


(1 article)

Emma Beatty

Former Features Editor

(18 articles)

Eva Mason

King's College, London

(1 article)

Francesca Franchi

Head of ROH Collections

(3 articles)

Francesco Izzo

Music scholar and author.

(1 article)

Fred Plotkin

Writer and broadcaster

(1 article)

Freya Wynn-Jones

Chorus Director

(1 article)

Gareth Malone

Choirmaster and presenter

(1 article)

Gavin Plumley

Guest author. Classical music blogger

(26 articles)

Gerard Davis

Royal Opera House Programme writer

(3 articles)

Greg Jauncey

HR and Training Manager

(4 articles)

Ginny and Richard Salter

Artists' Circle members

(1 article)

Gus Casely-Hayford

Art Historian and broadcaster

(1 article)

Hannah Elder

Orchestra Learning and Participation Manager

(1 article)

Hannah Griffiths

Learning and Participation Manager (Opera)

(8 articles)

Hannah Pool

Journalist, author and curator

(1 article)

Helena Price

Developments Events Manager

(2 articles)

Helen Webb

New Ballet Works supporter

(1 article)

Hilary Mantel

Man Booker Prize-winning novelist

(1 article)

Holly Gillanders

Learning and Participation Events Officer

(1 article)

Hywel David

Internal Communications Manager

(1 article)

Jack Reichhold

Former Creative Jobs Programme Trainee

(1 article)

John Akomfrah

Writer, artist and filmmaker

(1 article)

James Naughtie

Broadcaster, BBC Radio 4

(1 article)

Jane Pritchard

Curator of Dance, Victoria and Albert Museum

(1 article)

Jenny Gilbert

Dance Critic of the Independent on Sunday

(2 articles)

Jessica Duchen


(3 articles)

Jeanne Horak-Druiff

Guest author. Writer of the Cook Sister! food blog

(1 article)

John Fulljames

Associate Director of Opera, The Royal Opera

(4 articles)

John Snelson

Commissioning Editor (Publications)

(13 articles)

Judith Palmer

Development Manager with IRIE! dance theatre

(1 article)

Kasper Holten

Director of Opera, The Royal Opera

(2 articles)

Kate Hodson

Education Officer

(9 articles)

Kate Hopkins

Opera and Music Publications Officer

(45 articles)

Katie Vernon-Smith

Digital Learning Producer

(28 articles)

Kevin O'Hare

Director of The Royal Ballet

(1 article)

Kitty Greenleaf

Former Ballet Press Assistant

(1 article)

Leigh James

Guest author. Music teacher

(1 article)

Liam Scarlett

Royal Ballet Dancer and Choreographer

(1 article)

Lottie Butler

Assistant Content Producer

(301 articles)

Lowri Jones

Apprenticeships and Work Experience Co-ordinator

(3 articles)

Lucy Beckett

Writer and music critic

(1 article)

Madeleine Pierard

Soprano, The Royal Opera

(1 article)

Maliha Korotana

Former Assistant Content Producer

(1 article)

Marcus du Sautoy

(1 article)

Max Reinhardt

Guest author. Musician and presenter of Late Junction on BBC Radio 3

(1 article)

Michael Portillo

Broadcaster and former Cabinet Minister

(1 article)

Michelle Flinn

Business Support Programme Manager

(1 article)

Mimi Doulton

Music Student at Kings College, London.

(2 articles)

Natalie Ellis

Education Manager (Orchestra)

(1 article)

Nathalie Harrison

Royal Ballet First Artist

(2 articles)

Nigel Bates

Music Administrator for The Royal Ballet

(1 article)

Nina Large

Classical music journalist

(1 article)

Paul Reeve

Former Director of Learning and Engagement

(5 articles)

Paul Spear

Digital Producer

(5 articles)

Rachel Beaumont

Content Producer (Web Copy)

(31 articles)

Rachel Edmunds

Fundraising Appeals and Communications Manager

(15 articles)

Rachel Thomas

Content Producer (Ballet)

(9 articles)

René Weis

Professor of English at University College London/Author

(1 article)

Robert Perry

Retail Manager

(11 articles)

Rob Greig

Chief Technology Officer

(13 articles)

Rose Vickridge

Former Editor (Web Text)

(3 articles)

Rosie Neave

Former Head of Ballet Press

(1 article)

Ross MacGibbon

ROH Cinema Screen Director

(1 article)

Royal Opera House

(226 articles)

Roy Strong

Art Historian, writer and broadcaster.

(1 article)

Ruairi Watson

Assistant Content Producer

(3 articles)

Ruth Garner

Former Content Producer (Ballet)

(3 articles)

Sacha Glasgow-Smith

Fundraising Campaigns & Communications Manager

(2 articles)

Sally O'Neill

Chief Operating Officer

(3 articles)

Sam Sparling

Audience Engagement Projects Manager

(3 articles)