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Winners' Page

Design Challenge Winners' Page

 In the 2016/17 programme, we challenged students to design sets, costumes and marketing strategies inspired by Puccini's opera Madama Butterfly.


The winners were chosen for the following reasons:

  • They demonstrated that they met the needs of the brief in their 90 second video
  • Their chosen Director’s Vision was clear throughout their creative process
  • They demonstrated understanding of the story and the characters
  • They considered the practical elements that would affect the singers and the staging, to make their designs fit for purpose
  • They experimented with their designs, played with the boundaries, making changes and manipulating their work throughout the process
  • They showed they had produced the correct number of designs before they developed their final piece
  • The judges were impressed with the attention to detail in their entries


  • Set Design: Pascal Bailey, Sussex Downs College
  • Costume Design: Charlotte Richardson, City of Liverpool College
  • Marketing Strategy and Design: Lee Lawrence, South Essex College
  • Hair, Wigs and Make Up Design: Rhiannon Field, Sussex Downs College
  • Director's Choice Award: Chase Hayden, Sussex Downs College

 Highly Commended

  • Set Design: Anne-Marie Leadbetter, Sussex Downs College
  • Costume Design: Samantha Hobart, The Hertfordshire and Essex High School
  • Marketing Strategy and Design: Velda Pond, South Essex College


 If you have any questions or require further support with the Design Challenge project, please email or call 01708 891 200