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Wow! What an amazing experience it has been! It was an experience I cannot explain in words, to hear my composition played by the orchestra.

Kethaki Prathivadi, 13, Fanfare Winner (2012)

**UPDATE: This competition is now closed**

If you’re 11- 16 years old and interested in creating music, enter this year’s Fanfare Competition. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to have your music arranged by a professional composer, recorded by the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House and then played to thousands every night before performances.We’re looking for exciting ideas that will really grab attention and stand out from the crowd.

All you need to do is record your 30 second fanfare and submit it in MP3 format by Monday 17 March 2014. We do not mind how you record your ideas; you could sing them, play them on an instrument or use music software – anything goes! For inspiration to get started, please explore the resources that support the competition.

Upload your entries here from January 2014.

Find out more in our News & Features section.

Watch the film below to see the process from composition to recording unfold.


Listen to the 2013 winners’ original entries and hear the final recordings, played by the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House below.

Rebecca Worboys, aged 12 and  Christina Anker, aged 11; from  Burgoyne School, Bedfordshire

Laurence  Wilkins, aged 13, individual entry, from London

Anoushka  Sharp,  aged 13,  from  North London Collegiate School

Yuri Bryars, aged 13,  from Oakham School, Rutland

George Darby and William Wright, both aged 13, Stoneygate School, Leicestershire

Imogen Brown, aged 14, from Oakham School, Rutland

John Wiseman, aged 15, from Cockermouth School, Cumbria

Jay  Richardson,  aged 15, from  Comberton Village College, Cambridge

Miriam Chapman-Rosenfeld,  aged 16, from King Edward VI School, Southampton

Daniel Hall,  aged 16, from Poltair School,  St Austell

Watch our Fanfare films for further inspiration!