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Leaders for Impact

Leaders for Impact is a leadership development programme for teachers in a position to influence whole school approaches to arts and cultural learning. It will enable 15 committed and experienced professionals to increase their professional impact through honing their leadership skills.

Between July 2018 - March 2019, participants will develop innovative approaches to problem solving, share inspiration through peer learning, and pursue a tailored programme of knowledge and practice-based learning. They will return to school re-invigorated, better networked, and empowered with advanced skills to make a stronger contribution to school improvement.

“The Leaders for Impact programme is transformational - it will challenge your thinking, provoke deep reflection and introduce you to a network of leaders who are passionate about offering our children and young people a rich, broad and meaningful education”
Quote from Leaders for Impact Participant 2017 -18

Enhanced and enabled by technology, and focused on leading for innovation, Leaders for Impact is designed to:

  • Enable maximum benefit for participants and their schools
  • Create a ‘generation’ of leaders in cultural learning who are skilled, empowered, and connected to impact change on a whole school, local and national level
  • Develop a diverse network of leaders and schools to collaborate, support, and embed innovative practice

The Leaders for Impact programme includes group workshops and training, inspiration sessions and a group leadership challenge, as well as mentoring and coaching with carefully selected professionals, including national leaders from the cultural sector.

The programme offers:

  • Tailored leadership development to support the individual needs and interests of participants.
  • Digital tools to enable participants to connect with each other and engage in independent and group learning in new ways.
  • Diverse and inspiring creative content, cross-sector speakers and mentors, and approaches to leadership for cultural learning.
  • Modular programming to enable tailored activity in the participants’ own time, alongside peer learning, shared problem-solving, and training workshops.