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What is Artsmark?

Awarded by Arts Council England, designed by schools, the new Artsmark award will help schools to deliver a high quality arts and cultural education and provides an excellent way for schools to demonstrate their provision.

It is open to all school settings – primary, secondary, independent, special and pupil referral units – and helps them to evaluate, strengthen and celebrate how they are making arts and culture a part of their school.

Artsmark becomes a journey for the whole school and all stakeholders within the school community.

How does Artsmark work?


Schools are able to register to the Artsmark award Schools will be invoiced for the relevant fee amount to join Artsmark upon submission of their registration (£500 standard rate and £250 for schools with 100 or fewer students)


Schools must undertake a Self-Assessment exercise using the Artsmark Self-Assessment tool. This will give a school a general sense of its 'start point' in terms of arts capacity and quality of provision.


Two members of staff including a member of the school's SLT attend a Development Day which is run by their local Bridge organisation. At this event they begin high level planning for the arts in their school by drafting an Artsmark Statement of Commitment (SoC).


Back at school the Statement of Commitment is finalised and signed off by the headteacher and chair of governors. The Statement of Commitment will be the key arts planning document and will tie arts provision to overarching aims in the School's strategy – as evidenced in School Improvement or Development plans.


Artsmark Schools will be able to access additional support and networking opportunities throughout their Artsmark journey between the submission of their Statement of Commitment and completion of their Case Study. (See below)


Finally, schools will write up their learning using a template designed to capture their Artsmark Case Study. This will be informed by consideration of the Quality principles and the use of compelling evidence – increased participation, increased attainment, improved well-being, whatever the original drivers were, as stated in the SoC/School Improvement Plan.


Arts Council England will reflect on the Case Study evaluative report against the original Statement of Commitment to assess distance travelled and will award a 'level' of Artsmark award which the school can hold for two years before reapplying.

How Royal Opera House Bridge supports Artsmark?

Artsmark Partnership Programme

The Artsmark Partnership Programme is an Arts Council England endorsed network of arts and cultural organisations that can support education settings on their Artsmark journey to embed arts and culture across the curriculum.

Each Artsmark Partner will have their own offers for schools and education settings that may include Continued Professional Development opportunities for staff, digital resources or workshops linked to the curriculum for students, as well as visits to exhibitions and performances. Some of these offers may be one off, stand-alone sessions, others may be part of a longer-term project. Artsmark Partners will also be able to signpost settings to other arts and cultural organisations that could add value to their Artsmark journey.

You can see which organizations have joined the Artsmark Partnership Programme in the ROH Bridge region below.


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