Set Design: What are the processes a set designer uses to create a scale model? Why do they create a scale model? Who’s is it for and how is it used?

Learning Outcomes

  • To use the two clips as a stimulus for story writing.
  • To be able to covert the witness statement into a newspaper report.

Activity 1

Think about being one of builders of the set. This is a huge and exhausting project! You are going to build the set around The Trojan Wars! In particular you are going to build THE TROJAN HORSE! Having watched the two clips students pretend they are part of the building team. This is exhausting work! They need to describe how they carry, build, hammer, construct, lift all the heavy materials. In fact, they are working so hard that at the end of the day they sit down inside the Giant Horse to take a little rest and they are so very tired that they actually fall asleep. Everyone else has gone home! The lights are switched off and they fall into a deep sleep and start to dream…… They dream that they are part of the Greek army.


· What are they saying to their comrades?

· Are they feeling frightened?

· What is going to happen when The Gates of Troy are opened and they enter the city hidden inside the horse?

· Describe the war scene.

· Do they escape?

Eventually they wake up the next morning when the lights are switched on and they realise it was all a dream. Now individually write a story called The Dream, that tells the story using the information and activity you have imagined above.

Activity 2

Write a newspaper article describing the entry of THE TROJAN HORSE INTO TROY. Students need to use PERSUASIVE AND EMOTIVE LANGUAGE as they are writing for a newspaper. It has to be eye catching with striking headline! [collect other headlines from newspapers as examples]

EVALUATION/REFLECTION: Children to read their stories to the rest of the class. Ask the class for one good comment about the work and one thing the writer could have done to improve it such as use more descriptive or more interesting, or challenging words.


Watch these videos from the Royal Opera House

Trailer to the Opera, Les Troyens

Backstage: Set building for the Royal Opera House