Nutcracker Video: Communicating in Character

This week Radzi meets Thomas and Jacob from The Royal Ballet School and learns about the character of Fritz from The Nutcracker. He also explores ballet mime with dancers Anna Rose and James, looking at how to create feelings and emotions without words.

In the classroom, watch Episode 2 as a class and ask the children the following questions:

  • What school do Jacob and Thomas go to?
  • How is their school different from ours?
  • In the story of The Nutcracker, who is Fritz?
  • What sort of character is he?
  • How could you show to the audience that you were a cheeky character, with no words? Just through using your body?
  • What kind of toys were Harlequin and Columbine?
  • How would you describe the way they moved? Show how they moved.
  • Demonstrate the ballet mime gesture for ‘everybody dance’.