Insights, challenges and activities to help you create your own fanfare.

The Royal Opera House challenges all young composers to write a 20 second fanfare exploring two of the motifs in the motif bank for performance at the Royal Opera House.

We want you to think creatively about what a fanfare is, listen to the examples and explore how your piece can grab our audience’s attention.

Then we want you to create your own piece and write it down and have some of your classmates or teacher play it so you can hear and refine it before submitting your final entry to us.

Why teach Fanfare?

If you are a music teacher, the Fanfare competition is a great way to get your students thinking about composition and musical styles. It is an ideal starting point for a Key Stage 3 or Key Stage 4 composition project in school teaching students about:

* Techniques of motif development

* Writing for specific occasions

* Part writing for 4 instruments

* Simple orchestration techniques

* Exploring the characteristics of a fanfare

* Writing to a brief

* Understanding opera and ballet repertoire performed at the Royal Opera House.

Participation in the project gives all students the accomplishment of creating their own piece of music, whilst fulfilling some of the outcomes of the National Curriculum in Music.

The fanfares will then be used throughout the 2018/19 Season to call audiences into every performance at the Royal Opera House.

How to teach Fanfare?

We have created resources to help you support your students as they create their fanfares. Download the Fanfare resource pack (at the bottom of the main fanfare page), listen to a selection of motifs from our productions, listen to how last year’s winners used the motifs in their compositions, and then get creating!