Design and Make: Romeo and Juliet

Design and Make gives Y4-6 students the opportunity to test and develop their design skills, based around an opera or ballet production. Aligned to the National Curriculum framework for Design & Technology, students will:

  • Explore practical modelling skills, designing and making in 3D.
  • Produce a sketchbook of their research-led ideas, working towards a final model box for a scene in the story.
  • Access the Maths and Science curriculum by learning how to work in scale and solve problems using a range of materials.
  • Develop their speaking and listening skills by presenting their work to their peers, reflecting and justifying their design choices.

The project runs across the Spring Term, and there is the option to enter shortlisted students into the Design Challenge competition. The Design and Make Primary winners will be announced at 12 noon on 24 April 2019, and the winning school will be invited to a Royal Opera House experience day.

If you are interested in taking part in the programme, or in receiving further information about the project, please email

  • Design and MakeRomeo and Juliet Immersive

    For the next 10 lessons, your students will be honorary members of the design team at the Royal Opera House, and will create their own set designs and model boxes. Throughout the course we will refer to your students as 'designers'.

    • Immersive - Lesson 1: Getting Started
    • Immersive - Lesson 2: Creating a Scene
    • Immersive - Lesson 3: Creating a Moodboard
    • Immersive - Lesson 4: Creating a Storyboard
    • Immersive - Lesson 5: Designing in 3D
    • Immersive - Lesson 6: Composition
    • Immersive - Lesson 7: Creating a Backcloth
    • Immersive - Lesson 8: Treating the Surfaces
    • Immersive - Lesson 9: Getting Ready
    • Immersive - Lesson 10: Make it Happen!