• Means of capture
  • Craft Materials

By the end of this lesson, each of your students will have made their final decisions about their designs and will have produced a plan for making their models next lesson.

    Lesson Overview


    The children will make final design choices and justify these in their portfolio. They will also produce a quick white card model of the final set design.

    Explain that by the end of this lesson, the children need to have made a rough version of their set and taken a picture of it, and note any final changes and decisions so that they are ready to make their final model box next week.

    Today, the children will have the opportunity to use all of their ideas to create one final design. Explain that so far, they have researched the story, mood, objects and space that they will need. Recap on the success criteria that children have generated and look again at the design brief. Tell the children that as they draw up their design, they will want to consider the materials that they will need to create the objects, and they will need to know in advance if they want things to look far away or close. They can draw on all of the modelling techniques they have tried over the last few weeks. Above all, they should create a model box that tells a story.

  • White Card Model

    45 mins

    In this unit, the designers will review their sketchbooks and their models from the last few weeks and make a plan of how to finish their model box design in the next lesson.