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In this lesson, your students will learn about how to use scale in their model box, so that when they experiment with making their models, they will be to use appropriate scale for the dancers.

    Lesson Overview


    The children will understand what scale means, and how to use scale in their models. They will also continue to play around with ideas for their modelling.

    Introduce the children to the success criteria for the challenge and explain that the choreographer will want to see all of these in the winning design. For example:

    • Good use of space. 
    • Room for dancers.
    • Appropriate mood.
    • Tells a story.
    • Correct scale.

    Remind them that they will be creating their model box for Swan Lake. Explain that today, they will need to consider the size of the objects that they put into the model box as this would impact how the sets would be made and how objects could be interacted with in real life.  

  • Scale Thumb Exercise

    30 mins

    This unit will show you an easy way to use your thumb to design and make models to scale.

Explain to the students that now they understand about scale, they will be playing with ideas using the modelling techniques that they’ve used in the last few weeks.

The rest of the lesson should be spent playing with ideas using materials to model their scenes. Children could take photos of their different ideas and justify them in their portfolios, to say what worked, what didn’t and why they’ve made the choices that they have.  Remind them to keep thinking about whether they are modelling to the right scale. 

Ask children to start to consider the notion of perspective. With their dancer in the set, what would they need to do to the scenery if they wanted it to look like a castle was far away in the distance (make the castle smaller)? If they want objects to appear close, they need to be in the right proportion. 

Remember, if something is too small and fiddly for you to make, draw it and make it stand up. It will be much easier for somebody to make it full size, so it’s not cheating to make a quick sketch instead!