Immersive - Lesson 6: Exploring a Theme: Numbers and Card Games

60 mins


  • Means of capture
  • Record of last performance
  • PE kit and bare feet
  • Music
  • Clear empty space
  • Lesson Film
  • Choreographic ideas

Your students ventured down the rabbit hole into Wonderland and now have an in-depth understanding of the characters from the ballet. In this lesson, the dancers take part in a creative dance class, exploring the theme of 'numbers and card games', and adding further structure to the dance. This will provide them with an understanding of the Card Kingdom, before they meet the Queen of Hearts in lesson seven.


  • To developing movement patterns to create non-contact group work – understanding how we can make positive physical connections with our peers.
  • To understand how we can translate the actions of a pack of cards into our bodies to make movement patterns.
  • To develop collaborative skills.


  • Maths: To explore numbers and cards to inform group activities.
  • Maths: To use number to inform activities. Sets/ Groupings/ Patterns
  • Maths: The symmetry on a card and the symmetry of the body can be an interesting stimulus.
  • Maths: Chance choreography could inspire your dancers – using a selection of cards to dictate the actions and amount of times it is repeated to create movement patterns.
  • PE: To master basic movements, as well as developing flexibility, strength, agility, balance and co-ordination in a range of activities. They will also become familiar with moving to music.
  • PE: To reflect on their own and others performance and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best.
  • PE: To create and work towards a performance using simple movement patterns.
  • PE: To be physically active and confident for sustained periods of time.