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In this lesson the children will be introduced to the design brief: to design and make a model box for one act in Swan Lake. They will also develop their ideas from the last lesson and create a moodboard for their design concept.

    Lesson Overview


    The children will learn what is meant by ‘design brief’, and what the success criteria are for their designs. The children will understand what is meant by ‘moodboard’, and will consider how their moodboard will translate into the next stage of design.

Tip: The children may wish to use their drawings to music as a starting point. They could add captions to justify their choices on the moodboard and how it relates back to the story. Some children may need a selection of pre-printed images to select from to help them get started. 

Before the next lesson, you will need to have decided whether you want each of your students to produce a 1:100 model box, or if you want to create one or two 1:50 model boxes and share these between the class. We advise that it is easier to model in 1:50, and you can ask each student to produce their models on stiff card, and slide it into the model box.  

If you want to produce a 1:100 model box for each student, use the 1:100 template below. You will need two cereal boxes for each student to do this. 

If you want to produce a 1:50 model box, instructions and templates are below.