• Lesson Film
  • Craft Materials

In this lesson, the children will have a go at quick sketches of designs for their story from last week, and will learn some more modelling techniques for creating a set in their model box.

    Lesson Overview


    Children start to develop an understanding of a range of materials that can be used to represent different settings in their model box.  

    In the final scene that they have sketched, the scene was set in a forest. Remind the children that from very early on in the design process, the designer will be thinking about how to model different parts of the set, so it’s important that they too keep practicing this.  Spend ten minutes with the group to consider how you might represent their forest trees in the model box, using different materials. 

  • How To Create Model Trees

    20 mins

    In this unit, designer Ruth Paton shows us how to create model trees in different styles for the model box.

Make sure they have taken a photo of their trees for their portfolios. You may wish to keep the trees they have made in case you want to use them in the coming weeks.