Immersive - Lesson 9: Rehearsal and Performance: Curtain Up!

60 mins


  • Means of capture
  • Record of last performance
  • PE kit and bare feet
  • Music
  • Clear empty space
  • Lesson Film
  • Choreographic ideas

In this lesson, you and your dancers will reflect on the movement that has been created so far, structure a dance as a result, and think about your final performance.


  • To understand how to structure your dance.
  • To develop transitions – exits, entrances, travelling and moments of stillness.
  • To develop confidence.
  • To rehearse and refine the dance – understanding the importance of repetition in the rehearsal process.
  • To develop collaborative skills.
  • To develop performance skills.
  • To perform the dance with an awareness of performance skills and conveying meaning to an audience.


  • PE: To reflect on their own and others performance and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best.
  • PE: To create and work towards a performance using simple movement patterns.
  • PE: To be physically active and confident for sustained periods of time.
  • English: To participate in discussions, moments of performance and improvisations.
  • English: To consider and evaluate different viewpoints, attending to and building on the contributions of others.
  • PSHE: To work towards shared goals and expressing a range of feelings.
  • PSHE: To perform publicly; acknowledging emotions before, during and after a performance.
  • PSHE: To understand that practice and perseverance improve performance.
  • PHSE: To work as a team; respecting each other’s views and making choices.
  • PHSE: To discuss and identify their strengths and areas for improvement, setting high aspirations and goals.


You are nearly at the end of your choreographic process. This week is all about getting ready for the big performance. To perform to the best of our ability requires more from a dancer than just knowing when to do what moves and at what time. Each performer needs to understand exactly HOW to perform each movement (this goes back to the week we were thinking about character and dynamics) and everyone needs to make their movements as big and expansive as possible. The dancers will also need to be reminded that their faces form an important part of the performance, not just their movements. There is no more movement to be created but you will need to help the dancers focus on their performance today.