Immersive - Lesson 10: Rehearsal and Performance: Reflecting on the Process

60 mins


  • Means of capture
  • Record of last performance
  • Costumes
  • Music
  • Clear empty space
  • Lesson Film

In this lesson, the dancers will reflect on the movement that has been created so far, structure a dance as a result, and think about the final performance.


  • To understand how to structure your dance.
  • To develop collaborative skills.
  • To develop transitions – exits, entrances, travelling and moments of stillness.
  • To develop confidence.
  • To rehearse and refine the dance – understanding the importance of repetition in the rehearsal process.
  • To develop performance skills.
  • To perform the dance with an awareness of performance skills and conveying meaning to an audience.


  • PE: To master basic movements, as well as developing flexibility, strength, agility, balance and co-ordination in a range of activities. They will also become familiar with moving to music.
  • PE: To reflect on their own and others performance and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best.
  • PE: To create and work towards a performance using simple movement patterns.
  • PE: To be physically active and confident for sustained periods of time.
  • PE: To explore space and travel through a sequence of movements.
  • PSHE: To work towards shared goals and expressing a range of feelings.
  • PHSE: To be aware of the physical behaviour of others and respond accordingly.
  • PSHE: To perform publicly; acknowledging emotions before, during and after a performance.
  • PSHE: To understand that practice and perseverance improve performance.
  • PHSE: To work as a team; respecting each other’s views and making choices.