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In this lesson, the children will use everything that they have learned over the last 9 lessons to make their final model box design. If you are able to extend this lesson to a whole afternoon, or allow for a couple of afternoons to produce the model box, that will be helpful.

    Lesson Overview


    The children will have made their final designs, either in the 1:100 model, or on a piece of A3 card that can slide into the 1:50 model box over the last 9 lessons, to produce their final model box.

    Explain to the children that they will make their final model box today; remind them that this is a competition, and what the criteria for success are.  They  will need to consider if their design tells a story and is suitable for the dancers in Swan Lake. Their peers should be able to see which scene is being represented, and  gain a sense of  mood. Ultimately, everyone should be able to ‘believe in the space’.

    The children should spend the whole lesson (and any additional time that you can allow) making their model box. Support the children in selecting their materials and encourage them to use a range of techniques.

    Once the children have finished making their design, you may wish to allow them to ‘test’ it. Their peers will ask questions about how it works and why it is designed in this way. They will also use their scaled figures, made in previous lessons, to see if it has been made to the correct size. Ask the children to generate three questions about someone else’s model box to test the validity of the design, and give them the time to justify their ideas.

    E.g. ‘Why have you put the tree to the  righthand  side?’, or ‘How would the swan exit the stage?’.

    Consider having some time after this final lesson to look at what has been achieved. An exhibition could be created for the rest of the school, teachers, governors or parents to see.

    Ask the children to reflect on:

    • What would I change about my design or the way I have worked?
    • What do I know about set design that I didn’t know at the start?
    • What ideas could I borrow from other designs in class?

Selecting your finalist and submitting their work

When all the model boxes are complete, use the judging form (below) to give children a mark for the project (this is to guide you to select the right winner, not to be shared with the children). Fill out the judging form, giving each student a mark out of three for each of the three categories. You can use half marks to be more nuanced. As much emphasis should be put on the evidence in the portfolio as the final design. Once you have selected your finalist, go to the Submittable portal and submit:

  • Three Good Quality photos of your finalist’s model box. One of these photos should have your student holding/presenting the model box.* 
  • 90 second video of the student’s portfolio, showing their design process. This can be presented however you prefer. For example, the student could be talking through their process on the video. 
  • Your judging notes for the finalist from the judging form. 

*Please note that the photo of the student holding the model box will be used in the programme for the ROH Swan Lake Schools’ Matinee, so please ensure that you have permission in place for the student’s photo to be used in case they win the competition!

Competition Timeline: 

Deadline for Finalist submission: 30 March 2018 

Winners’ Announcement: 17 April 2018 

ROH Swan Lake Schools Matinee: 6 June 2018