Immersive - Lesson 1: Getting Started

60 mins


  • Clear empty space
  • Lesson Film
  • Means of capture
  • Craft Materials

This lesson is the start of your ten-week project. In this lesson, the children will find out what a set designer does, and make their first attempt at quick modelling. They will also find out a little about the Royal Opera House, and about how we tell a story through ballet. You will need to give each of the children a workbook that will become their portfolio, and explain to them that they will document all of their ideas for the project in this book. At some stage during the first few weeks of the project, you will also need to build a model box. We recommend making the 1:50 scale model box out of mount board for the class to share. The template can be found at the bottom of this page.

Make sure they have taken a photo of their water for their portfolio, or stuck their water straight in if it is possible to do so without damaging it. Explain that in the next few weeks, we’ll be practicing modelling all sorts of objects and settings that might be found on the Royal Opera House stage. 

Before the next lesson, you need to print out pictures of the three freeze frames the students created – one for each child.