Explorer - Lesson 3: Exploring a Theme: Numbers and Card Games

60 mins


  • Choreographic ideas
  • Lesson Film
  • Music
  • Clear empty space
  • Means of capture
  • PE kit and bare feet
  • Record of last performance

In this lesson, the dancers take part in a creative dance class, exploring the theme of 'numbers and card games', and adding further structure to the dance.


  • Developing movement patterns to create non-contact and contact group work.
  • Understanding how we can translate the actions of a pack of cards into our bodies to make movement patterns.
  • Collaborative skills.

Download our Create and Dance deck of cards to use during the Warm Up – Command Game and Creative Exploration exercise. Simply download, print and laminate each card, together with its instruction page on the reverse side. You can then hold up the cards during the game when you want your dancers to follow a particular command!