Explorer - Lesson 1: Getting Started: What is a Motif?

60 mins


  • Choreographic ideas
  • Clear empty space
  • Lesson Film
  • Music
  • Means of capture
  • PE kit and bare feet

CBBC presenter Karim Zeroual welcomes you to the Royal Opera House, home of The Royal Ballet. Watch him take part in a creative dance class with students from Beam Primary School exploring the theme of 'journeys'. Karim meets former Soloist of The Royal Ballet David Pickering, and ROH Dance Artist Liz Foster, to find out about ‘motifs’.


  • Understanding the concept of ‘motif’.
  • Developing movement patterns to create non-contact and contact group work.
  • Exploring different ways of travelling, using the words ‘around, through, over and under’.
  • Understanding how we can use space by travelling the movement patterns we devise.
  • Collaborative skills.